Ceptacore Systems is a full-suite skilled ICT service provider. We offer a broad range of IT services and solutions to meet clients’ communication and collaboration needs by identifying, evaluating, and configuring your ICT infrastuctural needs.

Enterprise Networks

Network infrastructure is definitely inevitable for almost all organizational setups, and we strive to develop networks that build and support your enterprise for optimal performance. We offer you the following network solutions:

– Network Design, Configuration And Management.
– Server Installation And Configuration.
– Cloud Solutions.
– Online Backup.
– CCTV Installation.

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Ceptacore Systems develops a wide range of software solutions that are customized to solve your enterprise’s problem, improve your operations and increase your output. We provide you with three types software solutions:

– Web Development, Hosting & Web-Based Apps.
– Desktop Software.
– Mobile Applications.

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Your organization’s online visibility is key to its success in the market. We are skilled in both social media as well as website optimization, and in this regard provide you with:

– Search Engine Optimization – To ensure that your website is always among the top of search engine results in regard to your field of specialization.
– Social Media Optimization – On your social media pages, ensuring that you reach as many of your as possible and keep them engaged.

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  • When I needed a website for my photography startup, I had no idea where to start or what it would take. Enter Ceptacore Systems, and I had the easiest experience not only getting my company online but also ensuring that our online presence is felt. Thank you Ceptacore.
    Victor Njubi
    Njubi Photography