Who We Are

Ceptacore Systems, was founded by a group of young dynamic forward-thinking individuals, who, identifying the need for a dynamic skilled technology solutions provider, decided to build an entity that could create simplified technology solutions catering for diverse markets.

We build both web-based and on-premise technological systems to enable across-the-board communication and collaboration. We deliver packaged solutions for individuals, startups and even well established organisations and multinationals.

Innovation is our cornerstone, and every project that we take on, goes through a series of focused processes to ensure that only the best results are delivered to our clients.

Our Mission

To be a technology powerhouse, demonstrating technical and operational excellence through a commitment to professionalism and improvement for a more efficient world.

Our Core Values

Quality is our hallmark, hence, it would follow that it inspires our Core Values, that are:

Quickness   –   Uniqueness   –   Acccountability   –   Learning   –   Inspiration   –   Teamwork   –   Youthfulness